From the factory, MoPar emergeny brakes are operated by means of rods and levers that didn't work well in my car. Now I replaced it with this former clutch wire, which functions excellently. This also made it possible to move the brake lever from the left to the right side of the trans to make more room for the very important right foot of the driver ;-)

Inner panels covered in pleated naugahyde are finally in place. A great visual improvement.

The air filter on the front carb interfered with the hood, so I had to cut a hole. A perfect opportunity to make a nice 30's style teardrop blister!

Got these great looking valve covers from Vintage Speed. Probably the first pair sold!! And they fit nice too, meaning no more oil leaks.

In case you didn't know, this car set a record a little while ago. The proof of that accomplishment sits right at home on the dash rail.

The flywheel has had an inconvenient habit of coming loose from the crankshaft. Those 70 years old bolts just weren't up to the duty anymore so I replaced them with new ones and a pair of dowel pins were also added.

A Chrysler Multibank engine is displayed at Axvall Tank Museum. It consists of five MoPar flathead six engines coupled together and it powered the M4A4 Sherman. 5 carbs and 30 cylinders, it must've been a challenge to tune! A similar engine still mounted in a tank had a different carb arrangement.