eBAY What can you NOT find here??
HOT ROD PARTS Gothenburg's first and only hot rod speed shop
MAC'S Great supply of parts to rebuild or replace those worn stock parts in your hot rod
VERN TARDEL Hot rod goodies
FLATHEAD JACK Parts and soon also new blocks for the Ford V8
TONY BARON Serious Ford V-8 speed parts
UNCOMMON ENGINEERING If you wanna have speed parts no one else has
VINTAGE AUTO PARTS As the name suggests, a vast selection of old car parts
KANTER Restoration parts for most US cars made until ca 1960
VINTAGE SPEED Hop up parts, specialized in induction. Makes new Stromberg 97 carbs
DAN 4-BANGER Fourbanger speed goodies
SPEEDWAY MOTORS Not directly a hot rod parts supplier but they have lots of usable engine and chassis stuff