Rolf has built one '30 roadster and he's now in the progress of building another one. For the second car he wanted a dropped axle, so he made a jig for that.

The jig with axle King pin mount Heating
More heating 2 inch drop Compared to stock
Installed The car

Here's more pix of Rolf's new roadster project.

Dropped axle Modified steering arms MoPar 318
Interior Rear axle Quarter panel
Quarter panels Mock up Mock up
Steering mount New brackets Parts
Mock up Mock up Steering box
Steering box Mock up Mock up
Radius rod Firewall Gas pedal
Gas pedal Gas pedal Gas pedal
Gear shifter Gear shifter Brake pedal
Pedals & shifter E-brake Rear shock absorber
Front shock absorber Steering arm Side view
Brake lines Front tires Rear brakes
Rear brake bracket Quarter panels Rear axle