Well apart from being a person with a shitload of good characteristics, which would seem like bragging (or would they seem like complete lies?) if they where pointed out, I'm also a hot rod enthusiast. By hot rod I'm mean the traditional type of hot rod, jalopy, gow job or whatever you want to call it, that where seen on the streets, at the dry lakes, on the oval tracks and other places between 1930 and 1955 give or take a couple of years. So when the wave of more traditional hot rods started in the end of the 90's I felt that I had to be a part of it.

My first hot rod was a Ford 1928 model A Phaeton. It had a glass body and the chassis was all built by me. The inspiration for this car was a Donald Duck movie where his nephews had a model A Phaeton with a 4-banger. Not too traditional maybe but cost and availability where crucial when building this hot rod. I got this rod drivable, but then I sort of lost interest in it.

I wanted to work on real steel and what really made the Phaeton project come to a halt was when I found a complete and drivable model A chassis. This chassis was soon completed with a pickup body made from a 1930 model A Tudor. I never got to do so much with this car because I have an ability to never get anything done.

Then I found the body I really wanted from the beginning. A 1931 model A Coupe. This body was mounted on the pickup chassis and I started to work on my dream rod. I'm still working on this one and it has not been a fast and easy project, but I'm beginning to se the light in the tunnel and hopefully it will be finished this summer. The plan is to build it as late 40's high boy with chopped top and hopped up 4-banger. I have gathered all the important parts including speed parts for the engine, so no it's just a matter of actually putting it together and have it registered. Unfortunately I must restore it stock conditions to get it registered, but I'm getting there.